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WSSDA helps school board members prepare children to be responsible citizens and lead productive, satisfied lives. WSSDA is a trusted advocate for public education and student achievement and a leader in promoting effective board governance through professional development, policy development and legal guidance. WSSDA is also the only organization that directly advocates on behalf of the state’s 1,477 school board members and 295 public school districts.
Established in 1922, WSSDA later became a state agency. Its members, school directors, govern school districts serving more than one million students. School directors also authorize over $15 billion in annual budgets for school districts that employ over 120,000 people. The WSSDA office is located in Olympia, Washington and staffed by 16 people.   

Past Opportunities:

Project Title Updates Status Coordinator
Project No. 2019-155 G (1-1) WSSDA Office Building
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8/22/2019 Closed Josh Collette
RFQQ No. 2019-083 Communications Consultants
7/31/2019 Closed Josh Collette
RFP No. 2019-064 Conference Management
Advertisement | RFP
6/21/2019 Closed Josh Collette
RFQ No. 2019-036 Leadership Development Consultant
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11/8/2018 Closed Josh Collette
RFQQ 2019-022 K-12 Education Policy Consulting
Advertisement | RFQQ | RFQQ Update
11/8/2018 Closed Josh Collette
 RFQ No. 2018-096  WSSDA OnBoard Curriculum Development
 Legal Notice | RFQ | Q & A 1 | Q & A 2
 6/01/2018  Closed  Josh Collette
RFP No. 2018-081 Construction Loan
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5/11/2018 Due 5:00 p.m. June 13, 2018
Apparent Successful Contractor: Kitsap Bank 
Josh Collette
  2017 Professional Services Roster
Notes: WSSDA is now accepting applications for their Professional Services Roster.  

Scope: Typical services include numerous disciplines in architectural and engineering, hazardous materials consultants, construction testing and inspection, geotechnical, traffic engineering, commissioning, etc.


8/3/2017 Closed Josh Collette
RFQ No. 2017-003 Design-Build services
Legal noticeRFQ | Addendum
10/2/2017 Due 3:00 p.m. October 30, 2017
Apparent Successful Contractor: MSGS Architects
Josh Collette
RFQQ No. 2017-002 Parliamentarian
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Due 5:00 p.m. June 1, 2017
Apparent Successful Contractor: Mary Randolph
Josh Collette
RFQ No. 2017-001 Construction Management Services (CMS)
Legal Notice | RFQ
5/15/2017 Due 4:00 p.m. May 29, 2017 
Apparent Successful Contractor: OAC Services, Inc.
Tim Garchow