Annual Report


FROM THE PRESIDENT: Embracing influence

From the moment I became president of WSSDA’s board, one of my greatest aspirations for WSSDA and my fellow school directors was that we would all embrace our influence. Looking back at the activities of 2018, I believe we saw that happen.

We saw committee members double-down on their commitments; we saw half of all school districts represented at regional meetings; we convened representatives of the governor’s office, the Legislature and other partners to start tackling the issue of school safety; and we took steps toward streamlining some of WSSDA’s most fundamental components like positions and assemblies. All of those activities increased WSSDA’s influence and positioned us for exerting even more in the future.

And how do we ensure that we wield our influence appropriately? Well, the WSSDA board started an equity journey together. We reviewed past efforts and examined current opportunities as an organization and as individual board members. Everyone takes the journey at their own pace, but as we exert our influence to address inequities and advocate for the welfare of our students, I believe that just taking the journey will help us apply our influence with the wisdom and compassion necessary to support each and every one of them.

Marnie Maraldo
WSSDA President, 2018