Boards of Distinction

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2019 Boards of Distinction and Boards of the Year!

The Boards of Distinction recognition program awards school boards that demonstrate alignment with the Washington School Board Standards. Any board that meets certain scoring criteria is eligible to become a Board of Distinction. The top scoring boards in small, medium and large sized school districts may also be honored as a Board of the Year.

Applications and Criteria

The application period opens in mid- to late summer. Applications are reviewed by a panel of judges that include former and current Educational Service District superintendents, State Board of Education board members, former school directors, and others who are involved in education leadership on a statewide level.

In evaluating applications, the judges refer to the Washington School Board Standards and ask the following questions:

  • What decisions did the board make?
  • What is the evidence of the results?
  • How does this evidence fit the standards?

Past Award Recipients

Small District:
  • Chimacum
  • Morton
  • South Bend — Also BOARD OF THE YEAR
  • Toledo
Medium District:
  • Anacortes
  • Bremerton
  • Camas
  • Chehalis — Also BOARD OF THE YEAR
  • Enumclaw
  • Ferndale
  • Mount Vernon
  • North Kitsap
  • Orting
  • Pullman
  • Quincy
  • Riverview
  • Shelton
  • Walla Walla
  • Wapato
Large District:
  • Auburn
  • Bellingham
  • Everett
  • Evergreen (Clark County)
  • Federal Way
  • Issaquah
  • Northshore — Also BOARD OF THE YEAR
  • Pasco
  • Puyallup
  • Tacoma

Boards of the Year

  • Issaquah: Lisa Callan, Dr. Harlan Gallinger, Marnie Maraldo, Anne Moore, Suzanne Weaver. View Application
  • Quincy: Tricia Lubach, Chris Baumgartner, Joseph James, Susan Lybbert, Alex Ybarra. View Application
  • Raymond: Ron Bell, Mark Hatfield, Angelia Enlow, Kim Rumbles, Pebbles Williams. View Application

Boards of Distinction

  • Anacortes: Bobbilyn Hogge, Erin Rieger, Marilyn Hanesworth, Dr. William Shaw, Karl Yost
  • Arlington: Jeff Huleatt, Jim Weiss, Kay Duskin, Ursula Ghirardo, Bob McClure 
  • Central Kitsap: Bruce Richards, Jeanie Schulze, Eric Greene, Robert MacDermid, Scott Woehrman
  • Clover Park: Dr. Marty Schafer, Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann
  • Coupeville: Kathleen Anderson, Glenda Merwine, Chris Chan, Venessa Matros, Christie Sears
  • Crescent: Trisha Haggerty, Susan Hopper, Dara Peppard, Sandy Criss, Ann Chang
  • Eatonville: Ronda Litzenberger, Paulette Gilliardi, Jeff Lucas, Roger Andrascik, Liza Klumpar
  • Everett: Caroline Mason, Carol Andrews, Pam LeSesne, Traci Mitchell, Ted Wenta
  • Evergreen: Victoria Bradford, Todd Yuzuriha, Julie Bocanegra, Michael Parsons, Rob Perkins
  • Federal Way: Geoffery McAnalloy, Claire Wilson, Hiroshi Eto, Carol Gregory, Liz Drake
  • Ferndale: Dr. Kevin Erickson, Lee Anne Riddle, Andrew McLaurin, Hugh Foulke, Candice Wilson
  • Morton: Pat Saldana, Josh Austin, Warren Dunlap, Betty Hutchison, Chase Buffington
  • Mount Vernon: Dr. Rob Coffey, Larry Otos, Olivia DeLeon, Tony Cook, Wendy Ragusa
  • Northshore: Amy Cast, Kimberly D'Angelo, Sandy Hayes, Ken Smith, David Cogan
  • Pasco: Scott Lehrman, Aaron Richardson. Steve Christensen, Sherry Lancon, Amy Phillips
  • Pullman: Allison Munch-Rotolo, Jim Evermann, Karl Johanson, Dean Kinzer, Susan Weed
  • Puyallup: Dane Looker, Kathy Yang, Chris Ihrig, Pat Donovan, Michael Keaton
  • Riverview: Carol Van Noy, Danny Edwards, Jodi Fletcher, Lori Oviatt, Sabrina Parnell
  • Wapato: Myron Yolo, Maria Erickson, Javier Vela, John Francisco, Alan Taylor

Boards of the Year

  • Crescent: Ann Chang, Sandy Criss, Trisha Haggerty, Susan Hopper and Dara Peppard. View Application
  • Riverview: Danny Edwards, Jodi Fletcher, Lori Oviatt, Sabrina Parnell and Carol Van Noy. View Application
  • Pasco: Steve Christensen, Sherry Lancon, Scott Lehrman, Amy Phillips and Aaron Richardson. View Application

Boards of Distinction

  • Anacortes: Marilyn Hanesworth, Bobbilyn Hogge, Erin Rieger, Bill Shaw and Karl Yost
  • Auburn: Anne Baunach, Laurie Bishop, Robyn Mulenga, Ryan Van Quill and Ray Vefik
  • Battle Ground: Monty Anderson, Stephanie McClintock, Mavis Nickels, Jim Pegoraro and Ken Root
  • Bellingham: Kelly Bashaw, Douglas Benjamin, Camille Diaz Hackler, Quenby
    Peterson and Steve Smith
  • Camas: Connie Hennessey, Casey O’Dell, Doug Quinn, Julie Rotz and Mary Tipton
  • Clover Park: Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Marty Schafer, Joseph Vlaming and Paul Wagemann
  • Crescent: Ann Chang, Sandy Criss, Trisha Haggerty, Susan Hopper and Dara Peppard
  • Eatonville: Roger Andrascik, Paulette Gilliardi, John Lambrecht, Ronda Litzenberger and Jeff Lucas
  • Everett: Carol Andrews, Pam LeSesne, Caroline Mason, Traci Mitchell and Ted Wenta
  • Evergreen: Julie Bocanegra, Victoria Bradford, Michael Parsons, Rob Perkins and Todd Yuzuriha
  • Federal Way: Liz Drake, Hiroshi Eto, Carol Gregory, Geoffery McAnalloy and Claire Wilson
  • Highline: Angelica Alvarez, Tyrone Curry, Sr., Bernie Dorsey, Michael Spear and Joe Van
  • Issaquah: Lisa Callan, Harlan Gallinger, Marnie Maraldo, Anne Moore and Suzanne Weaver
  • Kent: Agda Burchard, Karen DeBruler, Russell Hanscom, Deborah Straus and Maya Vengadasalam
  • Lake Washington: Nancy Bernard, Siri Bliesner, Chris Carlson, Eric Laliberte and Mark Stuart
  • Olympia: Mark Campeau, Justin Montermini, Eileen Thomson, Joellen Wilhelm and Frank Wilson
  • Pasco: Steve Christensen, Sherry Lancon, Scott Lehrman, Amy Phillips and Aaron Richardson
  • Pullman: Jim Evermann, Karl Johanson, Dean Kinzer, Allison Munch-Rotolo and Susan Weed
    Puyallup: Pat Donovan, Christopher Ihrig, Michael Keaton, Dane Looker and Kathy Yang
  • Quincy: Chris Baumgartner, Joseph James, Tricia Lubach, Susan Lybbert and Alex Ybarra
  • Riverview: Danny Edwards, Jodi Fletcher, Lori Oviatt, Sabrina Parnell and Carol Van Noy
  • South Whidbey: Rocco Gianni, Damian Greene, Julie Hadden, Shawn Nowlin and Linda Racicot
  • Tacoma: Andrea Cobb, Scott Heinze, Catherine Ushka, Karen Vialle and Debbie Winskill
  • Wapato: Maria Erickson, John Francisco, Alan Taylor, Javier Vela and Myron Yolo

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