Government-to-Government Task Force

Established in 2018, the task force is charged with the following:

  • Creation of a reference guide outlining all state and federal requirements of school districts with regard to working with tribal partners, including but not limited to ESSA tribal consultation; government-to-government memorandums of understanding; Since Time Immemorial curriculum; and tribal compact schools.
  • Identification of best practices currently in place in Washington’s school districts.
  • Update and expansion of the WSSDA government-to-government resource webpage.
  • Dissemination of a reference guide, resource webpage, and best practices.
  • Training and support for districts in the implementation of these materials.


Name Director Area/Agency School District
 Cindy Kelly—Chair  WSSDA Tribal Ambassador  Port Angeles
 Candice Wilson  1  Ferndale
 Zachary DeWolf  2  Seattle
 Rebecca Gallogly  3  Franklin Pierce
 Cindy Webster-Martinson  4  North Kitsap
 Sally Brownfield  5 & WSSDA Board Liaison  Shelton
 Donna Sinclair  6  Washougal
 Nancy Armstrong-Montes  7  Nespelem
 Larry Garcia  8  Mount Adams
 Anna Armstrong  9  Cusick
 Open  10  —
 Open  11  —
 Latifah Phillips  OSPI-ONE*  —
 Laura Lynn  OSPI-ONE  —
 Joan Banker  OSPI-ONE  —
 Patty Wood  State Board of Education  —
 Sen. John McCoy  EOGOAC**  —
 Tim Garchow  WSSDA  —
 Michelle Choate  WSSDA  —

*Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction – Office of Native Education
**Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee

Frequency of Meetings

Whenever possible, in person meetings shall take place in conjunction with the WSSDA Annual Conference and WSSDA Legislative Assembly. Most meetings take place via conference call. Other meetings, including site visits to districts, occur as deemed necessary by the chair.

Duration of Task Force

The Government-to-Government Task Force shall be subject to annual review and renewal in accordance with WSSDA Operating Policy 2120.

Task Force Support

Michelle Choate
Administrative Support Officer