Resolutions Committee

Twelve elected director area representatives and WSSDA’s president-elect review and recommend permanent association positions to be acted on at the General Assembly. Members serve two-year terms. Meetings are typically held in March at WSSDA’s office building, September at the General Assembly and November at the Annual Conference.

Members DA School District Term Expires   
Marc Rosson 1 Arlington 2021
Arlista Holman 2 Auburn 2021
Amy Cast 2 Northshore 2022
David Olson 3 Peninsula 2021
Jeanie Schulze 4 Central Kitsap 2022
Melissa Beard, Vice Chair 5 Tumwater 2021
Donna Sinclair 6 Washougal 2022
Trey Ising, Chair 7 Cascade 2021
Norm Walker 8 Yakima 2022
Adam Mortensen 9 West Valley 2021
Annie Keebler 10 Freeman 2022
Jennifer Stevenson 11 Othello 2021

WSSDA Board Liaison

Danny Edwards
DA 2

Committee Support

WSSDA Policy & Legal Services branch supports this committee