WSSDA holds elections twice a year; first for WSSDA board officers in early fall, and second, for WSSDA board members (also called director area representatives) in late fall at WSSDA’s annual conference. Elected positions to certain committees are also voted on at the annual conference.

Duties of the WSSDA board

After their election at the annual conference, WSSDA board members begin their terms at the conclusion of the conference. The board exercises general supervision over WSSDA’s affairs and approves WSSDA’s annual budget. The board also carries the duty of effecting policies and programs adopted at meetings of WSSDA. To learn more, see Article VII, Section 4 in the WSSDA Bylaws.

Elected committees

WSSDA has four committees to which members are elected:

Our committees page lists these plus advisory groups and more.

2020 Elections Timeline

Apr. 27 – May 26
Call for candidates 

June 27
Candidate interviews

June 30
List of committee nominees announced

July 1-14
At-large nominations period

July 15
Final list of candidates announced

July 15 – Oct. 1
Campaign period

Sept. 1 – Oct. 1
Officer elections

Oct. 2
Election results announced

Oct. 7-21
Run-off elections (if needed)

Oct. 23
Results announced (in case of run-off)

Nov. 20
Elections for director area representatives (WSSDA board members) and elected committees