WSSDA holds elections twice a year; first for WSSDA board officers in early fall, and second, for WSSDA board members (also called director area representatives) in late fall at WSSDA’s annual conference. Elected positions to certain committees are also voted on at the annual conference.

Director Area Elections

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Director Area Election Meetings at Annual Conference – Thursday, November 19th at 7:05 p.m.

School directors from around the state have the opportunity to elect peers from their Director Area to serve on WSSDA’s elected committees, which include:

Our committees page lists these plus advisory groups and more.

According to WSSDA operating policy:

  • Only directors who have been sworn in on their local boards are eligible to vote or run for positions up for election.
  • Any eligible director may be a candidate for the WSSDA Board or an elected committee regardless of their attendance at this meeting.  However, that director’s willingness to serve must be verified via email to their Director Area representative on the WSSDA Board and/or their Nominating Committee member. Click here for their email addresses.

Participating in Director Area Election Meetings

On Thursday, November 19th at 7:05 pm, school directors registered for the WSSDA Annual Conference should click on the link to their Director Area Election Meeting listed in the schedule on the virtual conference platform. If an eligible director doesn’t see the link to enter their election meeting, they should click on the “live support” button at the top of the screen.

At the meeting, members of each director area will learn more about the roles, responsibilities, and time commitments for each of WSSDA’s elected positions. Together, they will identify those interested in running for any positions that are up for election this year.

Voting in Director Area Elections

The following morning, Friday, November 20th, school directors attending Annual Conference will receive an email with a secure link to their anonymous ballot. Votes will be due by noon that day, and the election results will be announced at the virtual President’s Reception later that evening.

Latest Election Results

Duties of the WSSDA board

After their election at the annual conference, WSSDA board members begin their terms at the conclusion of the conference. The board exercises general supervision over WSSDA’s affairs and approves WSSDA’s annual budget. The board also carries the duty of effecting policies and programs adopted at meetings of WSSDA. To learn more, see Article VII, Section 4 in the WSSDA Bylaws.