WSSDA Positions

The legislative and permanent positions, together with the bylaws and operating policies, form the governing foundations of WSSDA.
Washington’s 1477 school directors are all members of the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA). Through democratic processes that occur via the assembly of school board members annually, two types of positions are established for WSSDA. These positions, combined with WSSDA’s legislative priorities, form WSSDA’s advocacy platform. See our “engagement cycle” graphic to learn how the platform is built.  

Two Types

Permanent PositionsLegislative Positions
These positions represent WSSDA’s beliefs and values and indicate WSSDA’s stance on issues of widespread concern for its membership. The permanent positions are advisory to individual school boards and the greater community. Learn more… Legislative positions are WSSDA’s call to action directed at the state Legislature. These member-ratified positions define and direct the work of WSSDA’s staff as they engage with legislators in Olympia to support public education. Learn more…

Updated annually: amending or proposing positions

2021 Position Proposal Window: March 15-May 14

WSSDA’s permanent and legislative positions are updated each year through a position proposal process. School directors are encouraged to review existing positions with their fellow board members and consider any amendment or new positions they believe WSSDA should adopt. Then, all proposals are voted on at an assembly of school directors. Proposals for permanent and legislative positions will voted on at the WSSDA General Assembly in September.