Amending & Proposing Positions

Once a year, school board members have the opportunity to submit proposals to amend existing positions and create new ones. The 2020 window for submitting proposals opens March 13 and closes May 20.

Team up

School directors interested in teaming up with other boards/districts to work on a proposal together, can ask WSSDA staff to find a match. Working together can ease the creative process and help avoid multiple boards submitting multiple proposals on the same topic.

Tips for Submitting a Proposal

2020 timeline

March 13 – May 20
Window open for submitting permanent and legislative position proposals (closes at 5:00pm)
May – June
WSSDA committees review and refine positions for consideration by the General Assembly
Internal production of Handbook
Release Handbook and outreach to help boards get ready for the Assembly
August – September
General Assembly orientation webinars offered
September 24-26
General Assembly (Seattle)
WSSDA’s Government Relations and Communications Teams, Board of Directors, and Legislative Committee work on priorities for the 2021 legislative session

Position Proposal Form

The 2020 position proposal window will remain open until 5 p.m. May 20, 2020