2020 Expectations for Presenters

WSSDA 2020 Annual Conference


Registering for the conference

Presenters are responsible for all arrangements and expenses necessary for participation in the conference program. 

  • Any board member or superintendent participating in the presentation must register as an attendee of the conference, pay the registration fee, and provide housing for themselves and their team. 
  • Other presenters will receive a speaker’s pass to attend workshops and visit the exhibits for the presentation day only.
  • Presenters representing WSSDA’s educational partners are invited to join our attendees for lunch during the mid-day General Session. WSSDA will contact those presenters in October to confirm attendance at the luncheon on the day of their presentation.


Prompt and complete communication is crucial to making the conference run smoothly.

  • Please be sure to pass the information we send you on to others involved in your session and get back to us quickly when we request something.While some of the deadlines may seem quite early to you, the scope of the conference and print dates require it
  • The primary presenter or session contact person that you name in your presentation proposal is responsible for:
    • Communicating with any co-presenter(s) regarding acceptance or rejection, deadlines and all other session details
    • Responding in a timely manner to inquiries and requests from WSSDA 
    • Ensuring speaker information for the conference program is complete and accurate
    • Posting presentation materials on the conference website/app by November 2, 2020.

No promotion of goods or services

  • Sessions are intended to be educational. Under no circumstances may a presenter promote a product, service, political promotion, or anything representing monetary self-interest.

Before conference: Preparing yourself and your presentation

You’re busy, but you want your session’s attendees to get the most out of their time with you. Taking time well before the conference to plan, prepare and practice will make a big difference.

  • Ensure your presentation content aligns with the description submitted with your session proposal. Attendee evaluations reflect that they expect this. Non-alignment may be cause for not being invited to present in the future. 
  • Focus the language and content toward your primary audience: school board members.
  • Include clear take-aways and a call to action.
  • Consider creative ways to engage your attendees, such as interactive activities and instructional/informational materials.
  • Allow sufficient time at the end of the session for questions and evaluation completion. For one-hour sessions, we recommend planning for just 50 minutes of content. Practice ahead of time to ensure you can meet this timeframe. Make your attendees happy by finishing on time. 
  • If using PowerPoint, opt for less text and more white space or visuals. The screens should highlight the gist of the content you are presenting. Consider if a picture would work instead of text. Could you create a presenter’s version for your use, but print handouts with more content for use as handouts?
  • Do not read your PowerPoint.
  • We will ask some presenters to pre-record their presentations and/or provide the option of an interactive experience for virtual attendees. Your presentation may also be recorded onsite, with prior approval.
  • Put a slide at the end of your presentation requesting attendees evaluate your session. 
  • Practice – practice – practice! Out loud! This is the best way to be clear about what you want to say, how you will say it, and that it fits within the timeframe.
  • If you are co-presenting, take time to practice together so you work together smoothly.

On-site success: Your presentation

Give yourself plenty of time to gather your thoughts and materials on the presentation day, and think through your content, effective presentation skills and engagement strategies. Then smile and know you have prepared well for a successful breakout session! 

  • Be sure you bring your own tablet or laptop computer, if needed, since these will not be provided. 
  • Arrive at your session room at least 20 minutes before the start of your presentation to ensure that your equipment is set up and tested before attendees arrive. 
  • Have all materials and handouts ready. Plan to bring enough handouts for the room, and pre-load your materials to the conference app by the due date so attendees can access them electronically.
  • Greet attendees as they enter the room to create rapport and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Take time to ensure all attendees can see and hear your presentation. 
    • Always use a microphone, even in a small room. 
    • Repeat all questions so everyone in the room can hear them.
  • Use a timer to ensure you leave at least 5-10 minutes for the Q&A and evaluations.


One of your responsibilities as a presenter is to encourage attendees to complete session evaluations. These are an important part of the conference management. With adequate feedback from attendees, we can make better decisions to improve their future conference experience.

  • Include a conference evaluation slide at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Leave a few minutes for attendees to complete evaluations – and encourage them to do so!
  • WSSDA can share your session evaluation ratings and comments with you after conference upon request. Contact wssda.presentations@kfevents.com to receive them. The data will be emailed to you by late January. 

Presentation Proposals


Email wssda.presentations@kfevents.com or call 206-227-0669