2020 PresentAtIon Proposal CRITERIA

2021 Annual Conference proposal criteria is coming soon! In the meantime, look back on the 2020 criteria.


WSSDA’s Annual Conference is the premier conference for school directors in the state to learn, connect, and be inspired. They lead busy lives, so the more relevant and practical the topic and content, the better the session will be received. 

Relevance is key to a proposal’s selection and success, and it includes who is presenting. Directors attending the conference prefer to hear from their peers, as well as from students. If this is not a session led or paneled by school board members, please ensure you have one on the agenda to co-present, introduce or moderate the session. 


  • The session must be relevant to school board members and their governance and leadership roles. 
  • The session should provide practical information, deep discussion, and implementable takeaways for school directors, rather than general topic overviews.


  • Board members, board-student teams or board-superintendent teams are preferred as presenters.
  • Presentations that include students or student voice are strongly encouraged.
  • The school board’s role in the project, program or issue presented must be clearly defined. 


  • The description clearly, concisely depicts the presentation content.
  • The session outcomes are clear, measurable and achievable in the time allowed. Sessions vary in length from  60 to 90 minutes long, and we recommend designing your content to activities to allow time for questions.
  • If selected to present, your session content is expected to match your proposal description.
  • We may provide some content to be accessed remotely by attendees. Consider if you could provide a pre-recorded session or are willing to be recorded live onsite during your presentation.



Email wssda.presentations@kfevents.com or call 206-227-0669