Students at Conference


We recommend that students attend sessions identified for new board directors in order to learn about school governance practices and the role of school boards. Other opportunities for students include, but are not limited to:

  • Keynote speaker breakout sessions with student leaders.
  • A virtual conference platform that allows students to connect with each other.
  • A Friday evening virtual get-together for students to socialize and connect with new acquaintances.

Student performers needed

Year-round, WSSDA is on the look out for students who could perform virtually at the conference. If you have any suggestions and have a recording for us to preview, please let us know

Student performances help us celebrate the value of the arts in our schools as well as the skills and potential of young people. Recorded student performances will be shown during general sessions in front of all attendees.

As co-presenters or panelists

Student voice is increasingly recognized as an important part of school governance, and sessions that include students as participants are among the highest rated. WSSDA encourages presenters to incorporate student voice—or better yet, the students themselves—in their breakout sessions.

Register your students for Annual Conference!