General Assembly

2021 General Assembly information is coming soon! In the meantime, look back on the 2020 assembly.

Purpose and value

This annual event is where school directors will define WSSDA’s values and set its course in the upcoming legislative session. Directors will do this by reviewing and voting on proposed changes to WSSDA’s permanent and legislative positions submitted by their peers. Directors will also vote on any proposed changes to WSSDA’s bylaws.

Who should come?

While student board representatives and superintendents are welcome to attend, the event is expressly for WSSDA members (school board members), and only they can address the assembly and cast votes.

One board, one voter

Each school board in the state can appoint one of its members to cast a vote on behalf of their school board. While some boards may select their “leg rep” or board chair, the ability to vote can go to anyone on a board and even transfer to another board member to ensure that board’s ability to continue participating in the assembly. So, while the entire board may participate in the assembly, only one member may cast a vote on any given proposal.


Special topics

To be determined for 2021.