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WSSDA’s legislative positions are organized into five categories. The positions are intentionally ordered starting with those specific to students and student learning first, with the following categories as critical overarching supports for every student’s success.


Programs and instruction for every student, every day.

WSSDA’s legislative positions for student learning focus on legislative efforts to help every child reach their fullest potential that include: strong and dynamic learning opportunities and system supports with dedicated resources for basic education; resources to provide essential and equitable learning opportunities for every student regardless of ability or background; early learning and enrichment programs; and a system that honors and supports the unique learning pathways for every student through graduation.

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Capital Facilities & School Construction

Sufficient, safe, & healthy facilities for learning.

WSSDA’s legislative positions for capital facilities and school construction focus on the essentials that every school district must have to construct and renew schools so they’re safe, efficient and healthy, while supporting high-quality teaching and learning.

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Locally responsive, strong and supportive systems, community connected.

WSSDA’s legislative positions for governance focus on actions to assure strong, innovative, locally-based governance structures; and state and federal policies and laws that create a solid and efficient framework for school districts to do their best work.

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Strong and supported educators.

WSSDA’s legislative positions for teachers and administrators focus on supporting and maintaining effective educators through strong systems including: recruitment & retention; certification & evaluation; professional development; and effective employment, placement & bargaining.

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Funding and Allocations

Ample, dependable, student-centered.

WSSDA’s legislative positions for funding and allocations focus on actions that assure ample and student-centered funding for basic education from the state; sufficient access to local funding; and resources to fully fund student transportation.

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Additional Legislative Advocacy Resources include:

For additional links to state and federal government sites, visit Access Washington.

Washington State Legislature

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