Unpacking Education Funding Legislation

Engrossed House Bill (EHB) 2242 was enacted by the Legislature in 2017 with the primary intention of meeting the state’s constitutional obligationto fully fund basic education for the state’s public school system. Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (ESSB) 6362 was enacted in 2018 to make necessary policy adjustments to the 2017 legislation. 

EHB 2242, and funding for its provisions in the 2017-19 state’s operating budget, overhauls Washington’s K-12funding system by:

  • Revising and increasing state salary allocations for education staff
  • Revising state and local education funding contributions
  • Increasing transparency and accountability of education funding

ESSB 6362, and funding provided in the 2018 state supplemental budget makes adjustments to policies enacted in EHB 2242 by:

  • Increasing salary allocations
  • Addressing unclear hold harmless provisions
  • Revising expectations for collective bargaining agreements and supplemental contracts
  • Revising accountability & transparency provisions
  • Clarifying provisions regarding levies & Local Effort Assistance (LEA)
  • Revising other important policy provisions (special ed, K-3 class-size compliance, prof. learning days, LAP funding formula, highly capable, transportation assistance, health benefits)

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