Legislative Representatives

About Legislative Representatives

Annually, each school board selects one of its members to serve as a legislative representative, or “leg rep.” Leg reps keep close tabs on legislative issues, including through contact with legislators, while keeping the rest of the board informed about legislative developments.

Responsibilities of a local board’s legislative representative:

  • Review WSSDA legislative proposals with their board prior to the annual Legislative Assembly and, when appropriate, submit proposals to the assembly.
  • Represent their board at the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Conference.
  • Provide legislative updates periodically at board meetings. Share information from WSSDA publications.
  • Contact legislators at appropriate times when issues require it and monitor developments at both the state and federal levels.

Weekly Newsletter

Provided weekly during the legislative session, updates are written by WSSDA Government Relations and describe events in the legislature, actions steps for boards, information and learning regarding the legislative issues, and what to expect for the week ahead.

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WSSDA Legislative Committee

In addition to each local board’s legislative representative, WSSDA has a Legislative Committee where each WSSDA Director Area elects two (DA 2 elects four) individuals to serve annually on this committee. These individuals are great resources for Legislative Representatives in navigating the legislative process and WSSDA positions.

Additional Information:

  • Legislative Bill tracking: Log-in to the Legislature’s web site to follow the bills you are most interested in. To dig in deeper, help us out by completing a Bill Analysis and sharing your thoughts on the opportunities and challenges bills may present school districts.
  • Washington State Fiscal/Budget Information: Provides easy-to-access interactive state budget documents along with agency summary documents and spreadsheets.
  • Priorities and Positions: View WSSDA’s legislative positions and priorities.
  • Watch on TVW: TVW is a great resource where you can watch hearings live, or go to the archives to view past hearings of interest, just select the date and committee.

Staff Contacts

Marissa Rathbone
Director of Government Relations
cell: 360.481.5842

Logan Endres
Government Relations Coordinator
cell: 360.742.4435