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2017 FINAL Legislative Session Summary and 2017 Bill Watch
Also check out: WSSDA’s Unpacking 2017 Education Funding Legislation (EHB 2242) Web page

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Budget Proposal Toolkit

Funding Proposal Toolkit

The Proposals:

Governor Inslee’s Proposed 2017-19 K-12 Budget

SB 5607 (Senate Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC), Republican Proposal)

SSB 5875 (amends portions of SSB 5607, Senate MCC, 3/21/17)

HB 2185 (House policy bill that replaces HB 1843, 3/28/17) (House/Democratic Caucus (D) Proposal) 

SB 5825 (Proposal from Senators Mullet, Hobbs, Takko)

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