Attention: All WSSDA OnBoard trainings have been canceled through the end of June 2020.


OnBoard is designed to help school directors excel in their roles as individuals and as board-superintendent teams. Development of OnBoard began in 2017, and when it’s finished, it will be a comprehensive professional learning system. In the meantime, WSSDA is building out the curriculum as quickly as resources allow. The first lessons, or “learning experiences,” available to school directors related to public education funding and budgeting. 

Three Current Trainings

Three workshops are currently offered. All trainings are 5:30-8:30 p.m. and include a light boxed dinner.

1. Foundations of State Funding

This learning experience demystifies the complexity of state funding, which is the primary funding source for Washington’s K-12 schools. Expect to explore the primary categories of state general apportionment funding, expand your knowledge about funding of the six Basic Education programs and gain an overview of the four Basic Education categorical programs. The background knowledge you gain will be immediately applicable to your work in guiding, approving and reviewing district budgets.

Dates and Locations

  • March 12 – North Central ESD 171 in Wenatchee – Canceled
  • April 7 – Northeast ESD 101 in Spokane – Canceled
  • April 9 – Puget Sound ESD 121 in Renton – Canceled
  • April 22 – ESD 123 in Pasco – Canceled
  • July TBD – ESD in Bremerton

2. Foundations of Local and Federal Funding

There were some big changes in the last two legislative sessions to how and how much local funding could be collected and spent. In an interactive setting, we will explore those changes, along with the different types of local levies and bonds, including the most recent version of the levy cap system and key features of Local Effort Assistance. You’ll also become familiar with funding from several federal programs as well as the requirements for receiving these funds.

Dates and Locations

  • April 1 – Northwest ESD 189 in Anacortes – Canceled
  • April 14 – Capital Region ESD 113 in Tumwater – Canceled
  • June 22 – Northeast ESD 101 in Spokane
  • June 23 – Puget Sound ESD 121 in Renton
  • July 22 – ESD 105 in Yakima
  • August TBD – ESD in Bremerton

3. Deciphering the District Budget

Learn how a few basic concepts about the structure of budget reports and the system of budget coding can unlock much of the mystery of school district budget reports. This training will support you in fulfilling one of the primary responsibilities of a school director –sound financial management of the district. Leave with the confidence to navigate these financial reports and make informed decisions.

Dates and Locations

  • June 18 – ESD 123in Pasco
  • June 25 – Northwest ESD 189 in Anacortes
  • July 14 – Northwest ESD in Spokane
  • July 28 – ESD 112 in Vancouver
  • September TBD – Puget Sound ESD 121 in Renton
  • September TBD – Puget Sound ESD 121 in Tumwater


Tricia Lubach
Director of Leadership Development

Rashaad O’Neal
Leadership Development Coordinator

“I loved the detailed exploration of everything. I truly was dazed and confused about the subject before this course. This training was well designed!”

Workshop Attendee