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The Right Choice for One of Your Most Important Decisions

Selecting a new superintendent is one the most important decisions a school board makes. Finding and hiring the right chief executive for your leadership team is critical to the success of your students and your district.

WSSDA’s superintendent search service fully supports your board in recruiting quality candidates and selecting the right person to carry out the board’s vision and goals.

Laying the foundation

WSSDA’s superintendent search service is structured to allow the board to focus its efforts on the most important aspect of hiring a new superintendent: the interview and selection of the right candidate. Our team of consultants, working in conjunction with the board, will take care of the critical action steps that lay the groundwork for a successful hiring process.

Recruiting quality candidates

WSSDA’s superintendent search service will help you identify and recruit top-quality candidates. Once the board has decided the skills, qualities and characteristics the new superintendent should possess, we actively recruit candidates who meet your identified criteria.

Our consultants are constantly on the alert for good candidates. Following careers of promising administrators provides expert knowledge of the candidates, especially those located in Washington state.

Why use WSSDA search services?

With WSSDA’s superintendent search service, your board is assured of a thorough, professional process with start to finish assistance. High-quality candidates are recruited who fit your goals and objectives, followed by guidance through the interview and selection process. Finally, we equip you with performance evaluation tools. Contact us today for details and pricing information.

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