New Resource for Potential School Directors

Are you considering becoming a school board member? Or perhaps you’d just like to learn what school boards and individual school directors do. WSSDA has created a new web page with everything you need to know.

Governing our public schools is one of the most important responsibilities a community member can undertake. School boards work together within the board-superintendent team and other community partners to ensure that each student has equitable opportunities to reach their greatest potential. School boards oversee the financial health of the district, adopt policies and curriculum, hire and supervise the superintendent, and serve as a the community’s voice in the education of its students.

Before you run…

To help those those considering becoming a school director make an educated decision, WSSDA has created a web page where potential school directors can find the answer to a number of questions:

  • Who are school directors?
  • What does a school board do?
  • How do you run for your local school board?
  • How do you get started in running for school board?

Ready to get started?