Essential WSSDA Operations are Continuing

All staff continue to work. Phone lines and emails are monitored and operational as usual. All regular WSSDA business continues.

COVID-19 Networking Calls 

In lieu of regional meetings, calls have been set up through GoToMeeting in order to focus on the response to COVID-19. The conversations will be focused on the board’s domain, but superintendents are encouraged to participate.

See dates, times and more details…

Strategies from the field

See the strategies shared by school boards during the WSSDA COVID-19 networking calls.

Graduation Policy Toolkit for School Boards

WSSDA has produced several new model policies to support school boards in responding to the extraordinary circumstances created by COVID-19. Those policies, plus joint guidance created in partnership with the State Board of Education (SBE), are available on a new graduation toolkit page.

Update on Open Public Meetings

In light of Governor Inslee’s March 24th proclamation, see WSSDA’s update on open public meetings.

Model Resolutions

In response to COVID-19, WSSDA has issued model resolutions to help board save time, effort and govern effectively.

Resource for Crisis Communications

For school directors, we’ve prepared a brief guide on communicating during a time of crisis. The guide contains recommendations for being proactive, considering your audience, using social media, and more.