Policy Consulting Services


We know that keeping your district’s policies current with state and federal laws and best practices is a challenge.  We also know that purposeful policy making is imperative to your district’s operations and student success.  We’re here to help.  Our Policy Consulting Services will not only help your district save time and money on your policy work, but will support you every step of the way.

If you still aren’t sure where to start after perusing our service offerings, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss your district’s unique situation and provide a recommendation.

Policy Customization

Because we at WSSDA value local control, we provide a Policy Customization service for districts who would like to customize policy language beyond the WSSDA model language to address their own unique needs.  Through a competitive bidding process, WSSDA has carefully selected a cadre of school attorneys with years of experience advising districts statewide on all aspects of district operations.  You may already be familiar with the work of these respected professionals.  Please note that this service is limited to policy guidance and does not include legal advice. Contact:

Abigail Westbrook
Policy and Legal Services Director

Policy Manual Review Services

These services are intended to bring your district’s policy manual into compliance with state and federal laws as well as current regulations and best practices.We offer two options: 

Policy Manual Audit
Our Policy Program Specialist will compare your district’s current policy manual to the WSSDA model policy manual and provide you with an Excel spreadsheet summarizing discrepancies, as well as a recommendation on how to proceed with updating.  This service allows your district to assess the current status of its policy manual and plan ahead for any necessary updating, whether in partnership with WSSDA or on its own.

Full Policy Manual Review
Our Policy Program Specialist will analyze the content of every one of your policies and procedures and insert WSSDA model policy language where appropriate, as well as recommend new policies.  If your district’s manual is still in hard copy, she will convert it to an electronic version.  This way, when your district is finished with updating, it can stay updated because its numbering system and language is aligned with WSSDA’s.

Kelsey Winters
Policy Assistant,
Policy and Legal Services

Policy Manual Updating Service

This service is provided by our Policy Program Specialist for districts who would prefer that WSSDA do their updating for them.  The length of service is adjustable to your district’s needs. Contact:

Kelsey Winters
Policy Assistant,
Policy and Legal Services

All WSSDA Policy Consulting Service costs are determined based on the status of your district’s manual and other factors. Please call 360.252.3018 for an estimate.

Policy Consulting Services Brochure