Policy Manual Review Services

WSSDA’s policy manual review service is a cost-effective way to save your district a lot of staff time and reduce legal vulnerabilities caused by out-of-date policies.

Keeping your board’s policies current is challenging. Changes in the law and recommended practices occur frequently, which makes purposeful policy-making an ongoing task for school boards. We are here to help.

Our approach

We’ll design your policy manual review to occur in batches, generally by series, like 1000 series, 2000 series, and so on. These “bite-sized chunks” will make it easier for your board to consider revisions on an ongoing basis. We’ll make every effort to time our delivery to match your district’s board meeting schedule so that you can take up consideration without delay. This systematic approach will reduce the time needed to complete a full review.

What we’ll look for

A WSSDA policy consultant will analyze each and every one of your board’s policies and procedures by comparing them with WSSDA’s model policy manual. The policy consultant will identify the policies and procedures in your manual that are:

  • missing
  • needing updated language
  • needing legal references
  • needing management resources
  • needing cross references
  • obsolete

What you’ll get

After completing the review, our policy consultant will recommend as appropriate:

  • WSSDA model policies to address gaps in your manual
  • language in Microsoft Word “track changes” to update your policies and align them with language found in WSSDA’s model policy manual
  • deletion of policies or procedures that no longer align with Washington state’s K-12 legal framework

Additionally, the policy consultant will prepare comprehensive digital files of the recommendations for your board’s policy manual and be available to answer your questions until they are adopted.


District FTE

Base Price*

15,000 and up


5,000 – 14,999


500 – 4,999


Less than 500


*For districts with 500 FTE or higher, if 1/3 of your policy manual is eight or more years out of date an additional $1,500 will be added to the base price. The added cost is due to the significant amount of additional time and labor necessary to complete the review.

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Kelsey Winters
Policy and Legal Services Coordinator