Strategic Advocacy

Elevating the voice of our elected school board members among local, state, and federal policymakers is the aim WSSDA’s advocacy efforts.

Legislative advocacy occurs throughout the year and is driven by the voice of WSSDA members. As school directors develop and approve legislative positions, WSSDA staff use them as guides while working on issues impacting public schools. WSSDA staff collaborate with numerous educational organizations and engage school directors in advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels.

WSSDA’s strategic advocacy team is comprised of education policy professionals leading the advocacy efforts on behalf of Washington’s 1,477 elected school board members. We commit to advocacy work that is:

  • Student-centered
  • Non-partisan
  • Public education- and equity-focused
  • Member-driven
  • Open
  • Responsive
  • Credible

Meet the Team

Our vision is to engage new perspectives and voices in all advocacy efforts; create concise, dynamic, and accessible communication tools and resources; and lead local, state, and federal advocacy efforts through a year-round cycle.

Staff Contacts

Marissa Rathbone

Logan Endres

Session Tools